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Foxxsta 2g Nail Glue 5 piece

Foxxsta 2g Nail Glue 5 piece

2g Tube Ultra Fast Dry, Extra Strong Bond, Water Resistant Glue/Adhesive for Nail Art, Like Diamantes, Nail Enhancements of Full Cover and Tips.

Fantastic for Professional Use. Great for the confident DIY nail person.

Quick setting and long-lasting

Adheres natural nails and tips in seconds

Main Ingredients: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, PMMA

Cautions and Warnings:

Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Avoid contact with eyes. In case contact occurs, flush with water or saline solution immediately. If extreme redness and irritation occurs contact GP/emergency immediately. There may be a short period where you feel your eyes are sore and teary but once the glue is solidified this feeling will disappear. AVOID CONTACT WITH EYES.

Avoid contact with fabrics as heat and fumes may occur.

Bonds skin in seconds.


Tap the tube in an upright position to help dislodge any adhesive that may remain in the tip.

Store glue in a cool dry place with cap tightly closed when not in use-such as the refrigerator. remove glue from refrigerator half an hour before using for best performance.

Preparation is key. Ensure surfaces to be bonded together are dry, free from dust, completely free from all previous glues/adhesives and enhancements for maximum adhesion.

Use a small amount of glue in the well of the tip. Hold the tip with the glue well downwards(so as not to run down and adhere the fingers holding the tip to the tip), bring towards the finger to be enhanced and apply at a 45 degree angle pushing all air out for best adhesion. Can also squeeze the sides of the nail tip to curve around the nail and adhere better.

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